Mock up

During fast cars challenge we have been working on writing and researching a lot, we have written the problems we have faced, a logo description, our team’s approach and the science behind cars. As we have finished all the writing we have to make a poster, at the moment we’re only on our mock up [a plan] which we have nearly finished. Stella, Jack and Isaac are working on the poster while I, Finn have been writing the problems which we have finished. Keep up the good work Weird and Wacky!mock up poster

Our car

This is our very first car. As you can see, it is quite plain.f1 car






And this is our updated prototype. We are not going to use this in the race, as we are making another version with our team colors on it.

f1 car 2

Team members

Weird and Wacky team members includes: Jack as Design and Manufacturing Manager, Isaac as Identity Manager, Stella as Business Manager, Emily as Sponsorship Manager and Finn as Team Manager!